CFMoto bringing its motorcycle line back to Canada


A strong new player is joining the motorcycle market in Canada. CFMOTO Canada will be offering several models of motorcycles from CFMOTO Motorcycle line-up.

Combining sporty looks, excellent handling and reliability, the CFMOTO range will offer everything the enthusiast is looking for: competitive price, excellent warranty, driving pleasure and a unique look that will turn many heads!

The first deliveries to participating dealers in the CFMOTO Canada network are scheduled for spring 2022.

Well. This might change the Canadian motorcycle landscape.

We haven’t really seen much from CFMoto the past couple of years, but if you saw the company’s bikes on the MMIC show circuit around 2015, you might remember they actually looked very respectable. CFMoto is a Chinese manufacturer, but at that point, it was selling a series of bikes based on Kawasaki’s 650 twin, or at least that’s what the engine looked like. They were definitely a step above (several steps above, really) the bargain-basement knock-offs that Chinese manufacturers initially dumped on our market.

In the years since then, CFMoto’s supply of bikes to Canada dwindled, as the public never really seemed to get too excited about their low pricing. That might change this time, for two reasons.

First, like a few other Chinese manufacturers, CFMoto has been hard at work in the past five years, developing new models. There’s a new 400-class sportbike coming soon from CFMoto, and it also has a deal with KTM to build bikes around a made-in-China variation of the 790 parallel twin platform. These bikes may prove more appealing than the last lineup brought into Canada.

Second—the Japanese manufacturers are having a hard time meeting demand, with dealerships talking about inconsistent or insufficient supply. If customers want motorcycles, and they can’t buy them from Japan, will they buy them from China instead? CFMoto will find out soon.



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