Electric Everything: KTM e-Duke Electric Motorcycle Confirmed


When KTM launched their electric off-road machines (the Freeride E-SM, E-SX and E-XC), we kind of got the picture that parent company Pierer Group would eventually go ham on the clean green initiative – and thanks to “a leaked document from a model planning meeting,” that initiative has just made room for an E-Duke from KTM.

The report from Visordown tells us that this puppy will be based off of the E-Pilen (see above), which is slotted to be revealed this year courtesy of Husqvarna. Notable features to share with the Husky will purportedly include the fixed battery pack, meaning the bike will have to be charged from a fixed source rather than removing and replacing batteries – a good thing, Electrek reminds us, since removable battery packs typically mean a heavier battery, with the bike suffering loss of performance for the sake of portable instant-charge convenience. 

A view of the Husqvarna Electric E-Pilen Concept

On top of the battery, both machines will also sport a 10kW motor, with a liveliness beyond the translated 13 hp (125cc-equivalent), thanks to the unique qualities of electric motorcycle torque.

Given the figures, expect the E-Duke and Husqvarna E-Pilen to dabble in roughly the same range as the SONDORS Metacycle (TBD on that fashionably late creature), as well as the Chinese NIU RQi and current out-and-flexing Kollter ES1.

A view of the Husqvarna Electric E-Pilen Concept

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*All media sourced from Electrek*
*Title media from Gaadiwaadi*



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