MotoGP, VIDEO – Marquez Vs YouTuber: a CBR 600 is enough against a ZX-10 RR


Probably the YouTuber Johann Flammann would have never imagined to be able to post on his channel a video in which he duels on track with Marc Marquez, but life is strange and luck smiled on him. In fact Johann not only met Marc on the track, but he also had the opportunity to duel with the Spanish champion who was preparing to get back on his Honda RC213v in MotoGP. Coming back from diplopia problems, Marquez had in fact gone to Alcarras to ride a CBR 600 and experience track speed before taking the plane to Austin and on the same day the YouTuber mentioned above was riding his Kawasaki ZX-10 rr.


A good rider, who no doubt is very familiar with the track and who found himself trying to keep up with Marquez who at that moment was on track with a bike pushed about 90 hp less. Obviously Marc was not pushing to the limit, since it was simply a preparatory training for the green light to go to Austin, but the images recorded and posted by Flammann are definitely adrenaline.

At every straight stretch he takes advantage of the power of his Ninja to overtake Marc, who responds at every braking and corner entry, giving life to a real duel at arms that is quite fun to watch. It will undoubtedly remain a beautiful memory for Flammann, who will be able to say that he tried to resist Marc Marquez between the kerbs of a track!




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