By no means Have I Ever: Raced a Motorbike Chariot


Do you know that bike chariot racing has been a factor since 1922? No, actually, as a result of I’ve simply found this new nook of the Powersports business, and I couldn’t be happier.

In the present day’s bike chariot races could be spurred on by hit movies like “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” (1999) as an alternative of heavy-hitting epics like “Ben-Hur: A Story of the Christ” (1925), however the idea stays the identical. Two bits of (presumably well-bred) horsepower are lashed to a light-weight chariot, with solo charioteers holding the reins of the entire caboodle. 

A view of the bike chariot races prevalent within the earlier years of the twentieth century. Media supplied by Wikipedia.

Sydney’s annual Chariot Motorbike racing efforts present two riders holding stiff-barred reins with a throttle on the righthand facet, per typical bike setup – although bike chariot-ing didn’t at all times use this setup: 

“A typical early automobile configuration was a rider on a bike pulling a chariot and charioteer who have been basically decorative. This quickly developed right into a configuration with two riderless bikes steered by a single charioteer utilizing reins.”

Australian freestyler Jack Field. Media provided by RideApart.
Australian freestyler Jack Area. Media supplied by RideApart.

One of many trickier bits of this sport has to do with jackknifing, or when the chariot strikes reverse to the bikes; right here, within the above YouTube protection, we see masterful dealing with of each bikes and chariot, with riders utilizing the bumps and drifts to get forward by way of little jumps and leans. 

That is positively a full-body sport, and never one for the light-hearted. 

By the best way, these chariots aren’t simply restricted to bikes…

A rider with a chariot to call all his own. Media provided by Chariot Racing Australia.
A rider with a chariot to name all his personal. Media supplied by Chariot Racing Australia.

Have you ever ever been to a bike chariot race?  

*Media supplied by Wikipedia, in addition to Chariot Racing Australia and Youtube*



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