HealTech Electronics ThunderBox Review [Electron Magic]


I don’t normally read 100 comments deep on a thread. However, the forum topic was adding auxiliary lights. I had previously read that several people had blown up their $400 ECU by making the wrong connections. I really didn’t want to damage the ECU on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike, so I read on. This question caught my eye, “Wouldn’t a ThunderBox eliminate any wiring issues?” I literally asked out loud, “What is a ThunderBox?” I soon discovered that the HealTech Electronics ThunderBox is the simple solution for connecting aftermarket lights, heated grips, GPS, phone chargers, air horns, or any other 12-volt device you want to power when your bike starts.

Finding a key switched wire to connect to is ancient history. Wiring a relay is yesterday’s frustration.

HealTech Electronics’ ThunderBox is a smart, waterproof, matchbox-sized device that you attach to your battery terminals, and it listens for whatever magic happens to your electrical system when you start the bike. It waits a few seconds before sending power to your auxiliary devices.

HealTech Electronics ThunderBox Review: DIY Mechanic

The ThunderBox comes in two versions—16 amp for $70 and 32 amp for $90. You can purchase it from HealTech’s corporate office in Hungary or a distributor in the US or 49 other countries.

ThunderBox automatically distributes power when it senses the bike has started. If you know where to find a “key switched” wire to tap into, then you can have the ThunderBox begin power distribution when the key is turned on. Using either method, ThunderBox eliminates the need for understanding and using relays.

HealTech Electronics ThunderBox Review

You still have to wire in a switch if you don’t want your auxiliary lights always on, but that is not what stumps the average garage mechanic like me. We are flummoxed when trying to find the correct power connection, an accessible 12-volt key-switched wire, or configuring relays. The ThunderBox eliminates all those issues.

I had already wired directly to the Yamaha Ténéré 700 battery, the Garmin Zūmo XT power cord, my FirstGear heated-gear wire, and my Battery Tender connector. The Battery Tender connector stays connected to the battery, and most trickle chargers won’t fake out the ThunderBox.

I clipped the terminal connectors off, stripped the wires back a quarter-inch, and slid them into the power blocks. That’s all it takes to have the equivalent of a switched and relayed power source installed. The ThunderBox will shut off power if it senses an overvoltage or short, so no worries about sparks flying if your air horn pump shorts out.

ThunderBox is a must-have unit for adding powered accessories to today’s computer-controlled motorcycles, and yesterday’s bikes, too. HealTech has been in-house manufacturing its proprietary electronic components since 2013, and the company’s unique motorcycle components come with a two-year warranty. I have been conversing with HealTech’s factory customer service for this review and, although we are nine hours apart, my questions were always answered in my morning email.

My 2007 Yamaha Venture has collected two sets of auxiliary lights with independent switches, air horns, heated gear wiring, and three relays tucked into limited spaces. My next ThunderBox will totally simplify the rat’s nest of wiring I have created over the last 10 years. Every time I added an accessory, I had to relearn the connectivity, circuit design, and relay wiring. When it comes to simplifying additions to your motorcycle’s electrical system, the HealTech Electronics ThunderBox is the greatest invention since sliced bread.



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