MotoGP, A. A. Espargarò: “Hats off to Bagnaia, making this difference in the MotoGP is incredible”


Aleix Espargarò continues to make his Aprilia RS-GP fly  and, today, he confirmed himself in Jerez as a serious pretender for anyone who wants to aspire to win the podium. The Spanish rider’s qualifying  was perfect, and this will allow him to start from the third box of theline-up tomorrow. The bike has progressed enormously, and it shows, while Aleix continues to best interpret it. 

I’m happy. I felt strong and fast starting from the Fp1 with the medium tire,” Aleix said. “But when I put on the soft, I immediately felt a problem and wasn’t able to go fast. I’m happy for where we are in the qualification. We did a good job. Today, we just have to congratulate Pecco because, in the MotoGP, getting a pole with such a margin is very difficult. He did a perfect lap. Hats off to him. Now let’s see what happens in the race, Tomorrow will be a race with many fans in the stands on one of the greatest circuits of the calendar. I don’t remember the last time Jerez was so full of fans.” 

Are you ready to challenge Bagnaia and Quartararo for the victory?
I’ll certainly try. I hope to have less gap from Pecco with the medium tire, and Fabio here is usually very fast. He always has been. But looking at the pace we kept in free practice, when I lapped at 37 with tires that had twenty laps, Ithink hat means we’re not that far off. I’ll try to fight them till the end. I feel ready to have fun and fight for victory.” 

Oliveira had a problem with the lowering device and stayed away. How important is it on this track?
This is a track on which the rear device is very important, because there are several points where the bike tends to soar. Personally, I activate it in three different areas of the track here, and it works very well on my Aprilia. As far as I’m concerned, it’s great to have it.” 

There still seemed to be some wet areas on the track today. 
For me, the situation has improved a lot since yesterday but, at turn eight, there was still something. Tomorrow might be a tough day for the race, but I think it’ll be hot tomorrow, so I think we’ll find a completely dry track. Pecco certainly didn’t find them today!”

They’ve worked on the track to increase safety in Jerez. Do you think it’s enough?
Ride-off areas have improved in some places. We know that Jerez is a very narrow track and that, in some areas, we’re at the limit. But they’re trying to improve the situation for the future but, this year, they succeeded only in single turn. We need to see next year if they can fix two more, because Jerez needs to improve from a safety aspect.” 

How do you explain this difference between you and Maverick?
Actually, the performance between me and Maverick isn’t far off. But when there’s something new in important  moments, he suffers a little too much. Today we all know how important it is to feel at ease in the MotoGP, and we’re all very close. It takes three tenths to be far off. He’s not doing badly, but he still has to improve his confidence with the bike.” 




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