MotoGP: ‘Unlimited’ Docuseries for Amazon Prime Video Sport Starts Mid-March


Ever wondered what our talented members of the circuit proper go through to get to those podiums at the end of the season?

MotoGP racers don’t necessarily have the easiest job, but it can be considered the most all-consuming career that a person could land – and a new docuseries, slotted to be released March 14th on Amazon Prime Video Sport, has managed to get us, the viewers, into the proverbial front seat with a lineup of behind-the-scenes access and interviews. 

Will it be veritably Shakespearean in drama? Likely not, though that’s hard to tell. 

Will the series offer unique insight into the life of a racer – the ups, the downs, the gripping hills and valleys that plague us all on the quest for purpose? Absolutely – and with this series being “MotoGP’s answer to Drive to Survive, the highly successful Formula One series from Netflix,” and eight 50-minute episodes covering the 2021 season of MotoGP, we’re practically guaranteed a rollercoaster ride. 

A view of the Unlimited docuseries, as well as shots of 2021 MotoGP

Here are a few of the givens that will be included in the docuseries, based on the trailer and MCN :

Fabio Quartararo’s journey to becoming 2021 champion

Valentino Rossi’s retirement

Marc Marquez’s return from injury

(Also likely that Jack Miller, Alex Rins, Joan Mir, Aleix Espargaro and Francesco Bagnaia will contribute at some point).

A view of the Unlimited docuseries, as well as shots of 2021 MotoGP

The official team members of MotoGP have already been given a premiere of the docuseries – we are next!

Stay tuned for updates, drop a comment below letting us know what you think as you watch the trailer, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*Media sourced from MotoGP, AutoSport, and RRW*



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