2023 Ducati Panigale V4 SP2: Expensive track-day fun


Ducati has announced a new Panigale V4 variant, for those of you who need a little bit more superbike in your lives.  The new Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 is a true halo machine, made for the customer demanding the highest-spec parts available.

As such, it is based on the updated Panigale V4 S, which makes 212 hp (225 hp, if you put Ducati’s “race-only” Akrapovic exhaust on). The SP2 model uses the same 1103 cc V4, including the same gearing changes the S model got; there is a new WSBK-derived anti-hop clutch, and that seems to be the only notable mechanical change. Of course, the SP2 is built around the V4 as a stressed member, with all the important parts bolted to the engine via subframe assemblies, even the headstock and front suspension assembly.

Photo: Ducati

Speaking of the suspension: The SP2 uses the same electronically-managed Ohlins NPX 25/30 fork as the S model. It’s the same TTX36 shock in back, too.

The electronics package is the same as the S as well, with the same riding modes and safety features, as far as we can tell; the SP2 does have a data logger and analyzer as standard equipment, allowing riders to comb over their track day results to pick up speed.

There are some changes to the swingarm’s mounting point, and revisions to the braking system as well. Nothing earth-shattering, but the bike has been thoroughly gone over to make every system better-suited for the track.

Photo: Ducati

The SP2 also comes with a solo seat setup, carbon-fibre wheels and trim, and a 520 chain. Combining all these smallish changes leads to a 5-kg drop in weight overall, not that this machine was very porky in the first place. Now, wet weight is a claimed 194 kg.

Now, time for sticker shock: Canadian MSRP is a sky-high $45,595 (plus fees, of course). For more details and plenty of visual temptation, check out Ducati’s Canadian-facing website.




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