An Update to the EU Anti-Tampering Law


A new set of laws is currently in debate among Parliment that will hopefully bring about safer roads amongst increasingly advanced and autonomous cars.

Christened the ‘Anti-Tampering Law,’ the idea is that excessively modified machines sport a higher statistical risk than the base factory model, rendering riders at greater risk of danger. 

Some, however, have pointed out that their classic or heritage scoot of choice would not be the build it is without the custom work done in the garage – to which the government’s clarification reads on VisorDown as thus:

“The rules are aimed at safety and emissions systems and those which govern vehicles’ autonomous driving and control functions.”

“It was also confirmed that changes will not be retrospective (meaning you can’t inherit an illegal vehicle), and that classic and heritage vehicles will be protected from the rules.”

A view of classic and heritage motorcycles

This new law isn’t the most popular one on the docket; the report tells us that a stunning 100,000 civilians have made a call to scrap the rule altogether, with 8,000 responding to the consultation, which was open until just last week. 

As for what’s next in store for the EU’s Anti-Tempering Law, your guess is as good as ours, though we have a reminder that it’s y’all that deserve the pat on the back for kicking the ol’ tub into motion:

“Those people who responded to the petition are all responsible for helping to get the message across, as it’s those magic 100k responses that made the subject eligible for debate in parliament.”

A view of classic and heritage motorcycles

We’ll update  you on any other news as it trickles down the pipeline; be sure to stay tuned via our webpage (or we can just update you via our newsletter twice a week at your convenience), and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*Media sourced from VisorDown, European CEO, Wikipedia, LiveAbout, and Classic Motorbikes’ Facebook Page*


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