Brembo To Supply €1,000 ‘Cost Of Living’ Bonus


Despite the economy of the millennium’s second decade, Brembo’s been jumping from strength to strength. From acquiring smaller brake brands in an effort to provide the best quality units to their clients, to creating new brake concepts for the motorcycle community, crushing their sales figures for the year, providing programs to our industry…suffice it to say that the motorcycle brake manufacturer has contributed massively to our community – and now, they’re making sure that their employees are cared for by chucking a cost of living bonus at their noggins. 


The new concept caliper from Brembo currently incubating in the brand’s labs. Photo Courtesy of Ultimate Motorcycling.

The report from RideApart states that the amount donated to each Italian employee is a ‘cost of living bonus’ meant to supplant the workers’ lives during the inflation of the economy, with the memo being cited as the “Italian macroeconomic context in which the cost of living has increased significantly”. 

A view of Brembo brakes on various motorcycle models
Brembo brakes on a motorcycle. Photo courtesy of Suzuki Motorcycles.

“The company has reportedly set aside a total of €6M (about $6,223,020 USD) for this specific purpose,” states the report. 

“It’s a one-time payment, and it’s not clear if there will be anything similar offered at any point in the future.”

A view of Brembo brakes on various motorcycle models
A frontal image of a unit produced by Brembo. Photo courtesy of RideApart.

With manufacturers like Brembo offering bonuses in the face of what has been an utterly chaotic 2020-2022, we can’t help but be a little tickled pink at Brembo’s decision. 

What do you think?  Comment down below, and as always – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from RideApart, Suzuki, and Ultimate Motorcycling*



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