Official reveal: GasGas ES700 platform


The new GasGas 700 enduro and supermoto machines are here, sort of.

Last week, we shared screenshots with you, grabbed from the GasGas website, that showed the new big-bore thumper platform—but those bikes hadn’t been officially released. True, we’d known of their existence for months, thanks to leaked emissions documents, but we didn’t know official specs or an arrival date.

Now, even though the bikes are officially released, we still don’t really know those details. At this point, GasGas has not confirmed the bikes for Canada (the press release explicitly states “These models will not be available in North America for 2022“). Until that happens, we won’t know exactly when they’ll be in showrooms, and we won’t know exactly what horsepower and weight will be.

However, we can make a pretty good guess on both. If the bikes do come to our market (and at this point, we expect them too), we’d suggest arrival sometime in late 2022 for a 2023 model release. As for the spec sheet—you can see the Euro specs for the GasGas ES700 enduro machine here. Specs for the GasGas SM700 supermoto are here. The numbers will probably be slightly different for Canada, but those specs will be in the ballpark.

Basically, you’re getting pretty much the same thing as the KTM 690 Enduro and the Husvarna 701 Enduro: The hottest production single-cylinder engine ever, making almost 75 hp. The 693cc engine has ride-by-wire throttle, which allows for traction control, multiple engine modes and even a quickshifter. This ain’t yer daddy’s thumper!

That message is driven home in the marketing above. GasGas is aiming to sell these bikes to the youth market, and pricing will probably reflect that, as GasGas’ other models are generally lower-priced than their orange-painted KTM equivalents and their white-painted Husqvarna lookalikes. Stay tuned for more details as we get them!



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