Switzerland To Consider Removing 1955 Racing Ban


We’ve just had word that Switzerland might finally remove the country’s ban on petrol motorsports – and if the revision is passed, Swedes will be able to experience fossil fuel races the like of which haven’t been present in the country since the mid ‘50’s. 

There’s a reason for the ban, and it’s a good one. 67 years ago, the 1955 24-hour Le Mans suffered a horrendous accident, taking the lives of 84 unfortunates and injuring another 120. It was more than enough for neighboring Switzerland to call quits on all motorsports indefinitely, though a recent bid for electric races was approved in 2015. 

Now, we’re told by MotorradOnline that a recent meeting of the Transport Commission of the National Council of Switzerland has just adopted “a revision of the Road Traffic Act…which means that the Commission [has also requested] the lifting of the race ban.”

The results will be revealed by the National Council in the spring, with the Council of States taking the following summer to make a final decision. 

A view of the Swiss National Council

We’re likely to see the revision passed and approved, since vehicle safety has come a long way from what it was 67 years ago – though the report mentions that previous requests to have the ban lifted have been denied.

Should the bill be passed, changes will also purportedly come with a crack-down in speeding fines (Switzerland judges the price of a speeding ticket on how much you were going over with fine increases based on how wealthy you are. It’s a principle that’s stood them extremely well in previous years, but if they increase riding restrictions with this new revision, remember to keep your toes clean and no funny business…)

A view of the 1955 Le Mans accident

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*Media sourced from British GQ, The Irish Examiner, The Daily Mail, Mac’s Motor City Garage, and RideApart*



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