Tour Spirit Lake’s Indian Motorcycle Factory This Summer


If you’re anywhere near Iowa, you’ll be glad to hear that Spirit Lake Indian’s factory tours are slotted to resume this summer, just in time for the heat! 

Never been? it’s a neat experience; visitors are taken through the manufactury plant where the complete process of an Indian bike’s birth takes place (though RideApart adds that the paint shop is off-limits to keep the finished product top-notch). 

After that, the world’s your oyster with additional options of hitting up the Indian Motorcycle Experience Center (which was open for video tours during the lockdowns) and the gift shop with Indian Motorcycle merch and a slew of trinkets to round up the day’s festivities.

We’ve yet to know when the tours will resume, though they’re still the 40-60 minute units that they were pre-pandemic. 

Photo courtesy of the Sioux City Journal.

“Although they’re free, [the tours] do require attendees to sign up in advance by either calling ahead or sending an email to [email protected],” reminds the report.

Want to bring the fam-jam? You’re in luck – kids can also attend, though “Children aged five and over…must be watched closely by parents or guardians, so they do not get hurt.”

“Also, for safety reasons, anyone going on a factory tour must wear close-toed shoes. Photos and video are not allowed to be taken while you’re on tour.”

an image of the Spirit Lake Indian Factory's sign. Photo courtesy of the Sioux City Journal.

Want to register? Give the factory a heads up of how many are coming at [email protected] and let us know what you thought of the experience!

Drop a comment below, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from Indian Motorcycles, Road Pickle, and the Sioux City Journal*



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