The most gorgeous model motorcycle ever?


Is the paper Suzuki Hayabusa in this video, built by Yoshiwo Models, the most beautiful model motorcycle ever made? Maybe! While it doesn’t have a slick and smooth exterior, it’s an example of incredibly creativity at work, paired with manual dexterity that would put almost all of us to shame.

This 23-minute YouTube video takes you through the creation of a model Suzuki Hayabusa, and it’s a project that starts from scratch. No pre-molded plastic bits to pop out and glue together. No pre-drawn plans from the Internet (remember Yamaha Paper Craft?). Instead, we get hand-drawn paper components, drawn from blueprints and catalog graphics. With help from a lightbox, these components are traced out onto paper and cardboard (including such humble material as old notebook covers). The builder uses starch glue because it’s plant-based and non-toxic, and should handle humidity and temperature changes in the same way as the paper

And, there’s incredible attention to detail. This model has pistons and a gearbox, even though they’re tucked away inside the engine, where you can’t see them. How does all this stuff fit together without a mistake ruining the whole project?

Taking a look at the Paper modelling YouTube channel, where this video is found, there are videos of a BMW S1000 RR and a KTM 1190 RC8 as well, and rotating crankshaft below. Again, there’s incredible attention to detail, and it makes us wonder just what this model builder would be capable of, if given enough time:

So. Are you inspired to build your own?



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