U.S. President Recognizes Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


It’s May. 

Amidst the smell of sakura blossoms and the awakening motorcycle community’s docket of rallies, concerts and tours comes a welcome acknowledgement of our safety on the pavement – and given the current American president has himself been seen in the seat of a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Harley bike or two, the acknowledgement is perfectly placed.

“My Administration remains committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who rides a motorcycle and all who travel across our Nation,” Biden wrote in a letter dated May 1, covered by CycleNews

The letter in question “underscor[es] the importance of personal protective gear for motorcyclists, obeying traffic laws, riding alcohol- and drug-free, and for motorists to drive safely, be aware of motorcyclists, and to share the road.”

“All of us who travel America’s roads have an important role in securing a safe motorcycle-riding environment,” Biden continues. 

A view of President Biden in affiliation with a handful of motorcycles

The recognition comes following the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which is purportedly set to benefit and modernize America’s highways, roads, and bridges. 

“The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has worked closely with the Department of Transportation and the Biden administration to bring issues facing motorcyclists to the forefront,” adds Scott Schloegel, senior vice president of government relations for MSF.

A view of President Biden in affiliation with a handful of motorcycles

“This administration has placed a priority on reducing highway deaths and on educating the motoring public, and we appreciate that this presidential recognition is one of many ways they are working to accomplish that goal.”

With May fully underway (and a whole lot of other stuff), we’re keen to see how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law plays out. 

A view of President Biden in affiliation with a handful of motorcycles

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Drop a comment below letting us know what you think, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from CycleNews, ALTDriver, The Gothamist, The Onion, and the archive of governor Andrew Cuomo’s Facebook page*



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